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We have filled envelopes with paper
And our souls with poems…

I have always thought that the sounds of the city were the most beautiful

Nurturing a fire in our throats, the fire of poems and songs and fall and winter and wine and dashboards and new dawn rising
The fire we have named Walt

If I smash clocks to slow time, what can I do to make it go faster?

I am listening to the voices of poets
Forever clamouring, wrapped in whispers around the trees and sprinkled among the stars that shine over us both.

Write to me again, friend

Together we will paint poetry over the rooftops of the world
Second in my letter series.

I want you to tell me:

Tell me what you think of the idea of letters as poems and vice versa?

Is this universal?

Is it intimate?

What emotions are lurking?

For those of you who have read the other letter poem, how do they compare?

Do you like it?

comment for written revolution: [link]
megsamirafauth Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2011
Tell me what you think of the idea of letters as poems and vice versa?
Love the idea. :) Haven't seen it done before.

Is this universal?
Yes, I would consider it to be quite universal.

Is it intimate?
I believe so. It feels very personal.

What emotions are lurking?

Do you like it?
A lot indeed.


*On a side note, I thought I'd let you know you put 'out' instead of 'our' on accident in line four.
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